It's been a whirlwind year for North Mountain Botanicals and I could not have done it without my wonderful customers! Thank you for sharing my products with your friends and family! My business has expanded beyond my wildest dreams because of my repeat customers and their friends! A special shout out to my customers in IOWA! I love you guys, I am so honored that my products, especially my Reiki Infused Healing Balm is working so well. What I thought would be a quick dip into balm making turned into weeks of mad scientist experimentation. That’s right, many weeks of trial and error! Why? Because there are so many different ways to make homemade balm. And when I failed at my first attempts (DMSO and oils, don’t really mix) I had to start all over. Many times, until it was perfect. In fact, a psychic recently told me that I cannot please everyone, to basically not be so picky, and to just get my products out there! I'm determined to keep making the best products that I can so that we can heal our bodies naturally with one of God's greatest creations: this Sacred Plant! Look for more products coming out this year. I'm working on a Skin Serum and an Aid for sleeping.

Let's not forget: herbs are medicine. 

The best of health to you, always!

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