I established NMB after researching the use of HEMP OIL for myself and my family. I soon discovered it was not easy to discern which companies to trust, according to my own rigorous standards and specifications. I sampled oils from all over the US all the way to The Netherlands. I found  one that I loved so much I decided to start a company. 


My firm belief, backed by years of study, research, and activism, is that our planet today is out of balance and largely controlled by greed. Our farmers rely too heavily on pesticides to raise our crops and our doctors rely too heavily on pharmaceutical drugs that can relieve symptoms but rarely cure.  The result of decades of these unnatural practices is that everywhere we look we see people, young and old, struggling with less-than-optimal health, chronic pain and disease. These conditions are not what I want for myself or my family--or for you and your family!


True wellness is our goal here at NMB.  My research into cannabis-- often called the sacred plant-- has demonstrated that balance and health can be restored by high quality HEMP oil, made from organic hemp plants grown the way nature and the creator intended, harvested at peak perfection.  At NMB we have taken the guesswork out of choosing your HEMP oil, offering botanicals (cannabis sativa) that are lab tested and organic, containing only one ingredient: 100% pure organic hemp, in a proprietary full spectrum concentrate (50+ mg. per milliliter), legal in all 50 states.


Finally, as a Reiki Master, I infuse each bottle with the intention of OPTIMAL WELLNESS, connecting earth's healing forces with the unlimited supply of life force energy, ready to be delivered to you.  My goal in starting North Mountain Botanicals is to help people lead happier, healthier lives and to introduce the truly stunning benefits of medical cannabis oil to a wider audience of people. The best of current peer-reviewed science as well as medical history confirms HEMP can relieve suffering from a wide variety of mental and physical ailments, including but not limited to: pain, anxiety, inflammation, certain autoimmune conditions, sleep disorders and more.


I am committed to bringing you, my customer, the highest grade, organic, purely processed cannabis oil on the market and I trust you will find the benefits as life enhancing as my many friends, family and current customers already have. The best of health to you, always!


~Nikki Norberg founder of North Mountain Botanicals