Thank you so much for the CBD! I have been able to stay off my pain killers for half a day vs every four hours! It also is just helping my pain around my body from the crutches! Thank you again! Used the balm on my numb upper thigh and it was amazing! Warmed the area up a bit! 
Truly a miracle!!



Nikki’s products are outstanding! I use her oil and her balm, both have helped tremendously with the pain and stiffness in my joints. Highly recommend this. I’m a Reiki Master Teacher myself, and the extra kick her Reiki gives it is fantastic.

~Healey Lockett

When you’re struggling to battle cancer and get through treatments, you need all the ammo you can get. Nikki’s balm is absolutely wonderful. I put it on my lower back at bedtime, put PJ’s on, climb in bed with a heating pad and drift off to sleep.
I’ve noticed less stress, less inflammation and just generally feel better.
Her oil and balm are calming, high quality, clean - just lovely.
Highly recommend her products. 

~V. Larabee


My Husband has ampullary cancer.  He had a Whipple surgery, complicated by a pancreatic leak and is recovering.  He has been using North Mountain Botanical healing balm for muscle and scar tissue pain with amazing results.  After consulting his doctors, he added NMB CBD Oil.  It has been delivering outstanding results.  He is now off all medications for stomach and intestine problems, nausea and pain.  North Mountain Botanicals have been a 100% life changer.  The oil has a very mild and pure taste.  Also, we have found customer service to be very prompt and informative, answering all questions we have had.  They care about your health.  And we have been recommending North Mountain Botanicals to many friends and family.



Finally had occasion to use my North Mountain Botanicals healing balm the other night. My shoulders were killing me after lugging around everything we own at the state fair. I put a little bit along my shoulder blades and felt a complete warm relaxation spread all the way down my arms to my hands....and then I fell asleep like 3 minutes later. I woke up with no pain and felt refreshed. Thank you Nikki Norberg for your amazing product!

~Nicole Sadowski


I never write reviews but felt like North Mountain Botanicals' CBD oil deserves a huge shout out! I initially purchased North Mountain Botanicals' CBD oil for my father to help with his pain and supplement his cancer medications. I did extensive research seeking the most organic and powerful CBD on the market for my father which led me to North Mountain Botanicals. I then started using the CBD for my anxiety and am so pleased with its calming effects with absolutely no high. Now I use NMB CBD oil as my first defense for everything; my granddaughter's bug bites, my husband's tooth ache, minor cuts, etc. North Mountain Botanicals' CBD oil is a must for every medicine cabinet!

~Lesa Russell


I have had chronic pain issues for a LONG time due to back issues and the work I have done over the years causing pain and inflammation especially in my wrists/hands and low back. I started using the healing balm recently and am now a believer in this amazing organic product. I apply a small amount 2-3 times daily and have not taken my anti-inflammatory medication for a week!! I have also applied it to some of my Hospice patients and they to have gotten pain relief. Thank you Nikki, got to get a larger container of the healing  balm and also want to try the lip balm!!!!! Very happy customer here in Iowa!!!

~Sandi Smith


I have suffered with RA for years and have tried everything out there to help to relieve the constant pain (different levels) I fight each day UNTIL I started using the CBD Oil from North Mountain! I use a few drops in the morning and evening and I swear by it. The anxiety from the pain is gone, the pain level is always low...Then Nikki makes her CBD palm and I'm sold sold sold.  I use this for everything! I had this weird dry red spot on my leg that nothing was healing it..Tried CBD oil and within 3 days it was completely healed up. I use the balm on my knees before I go to bed and no aching or pain al through the night...I could go on and on how I love her products. All I can say is if you want pure, organic products that Work then try a bottle or jar..you will NOT be sorry. Thanks Nikki for all you do! :-)

~Cheryl Boyd-Johnson


My husband has suffered from sciatic nerve pain for two years as of last May he was taking 4 doses of Aleve everyday for the pain.  A month ago NMB sent us some healing balm and he hasn’t taken Aleve since, he has no pain!  This all natural, organic product is helping my family in so many ways I strongly recommend it.  Can’t wait for winter, yeah I know that’s weird, but when the chapped lips kick in for the family I strongly believe the lip balm will solve our problems.

~Nichole Robertson


I received my oil just a few days ago. The taste is way different from other oils, taste is natural & delicious. I suffer from anxiety & migraines. I’ve been taking it daily & I feel a difference, I feel great, calm & happy. Thank you soo much NMB!

~Leila Castillo


This is a fantastic product, very pure and effective, not bitter.

~Curtis Houser


I've been using North Mountain Botanicals CBD oil regularly now for three bottles :) I love how pure it tastes and the calming affect it gives. I use it just before bed each night. My experience with Nikki has been great too. Prompt service and good prices for the quality - which is critical with products like these 

~Jan Woods


I Love this:

I second North Mountain Botanicals. It has been an incredible experience implementing this pure, organic CBD oil in to our lives. I would recommend it without reservation to anyone and everyone. For stress, anxiety, sensory issues, ADD, depression, sleep disorders and so many other things. This oil is amazing and potent. We just use a few drops morning and night and have seen almost unbelievable results!



Great taste. Well packaged with clear instructions!

~Greg Wyatt


My dog is usually very scared and shaking on the airplane, so I decided to give him North Mountain Botanicals CBD oil for a recent flight to Florida. He did so much better on the almost 6 hour flight, was not scared, no shaking, he was very relaxed the whole flight! I will definitely be using for all of our flying needs.

~Jody S.


I have joint pain and didn't want to use prescription drugs so I was looking for alternatives and I came across this cbd oil and I thought why not ( and plus Nikki and I attended school together also) so I thought I would give it a try I am so glad I did. In ONE day I felt the difference the pain is mow at a dull roar I am extremely please with this product. Give it a try I promise you will LOVE it

~Lisa B


Just tried it for the first time, the flavor is so clean compared to the many brands I’ve tried! Many others have a mildewed or musky flavor that concerned me but yours is so lovely and natural, so pure! I took ten drops and I’m waiting to see how my pain level responds! I already feel a quiet calming affect. Thank you so much!

~Ashley Voss


We have been using North Mountain Botanicals CBD oil for 6 weeks now and I can't say enough good things about it! From the start, the customer service has been wonderful. They are so quick to respond and have answered every question I have had. The oil itself smells so clean and pure, you know you are getting a quality product. I feel confident not only taking this oil myself, but giving it to my children as well. If you are looking for a pure, organic CBD oil with knowledgeable customer service, check out North Mountain Botanicals!!



Took my first dose yesterday. I DID love it. Very mellow, yet more energy!  Can’t wait to see what else it can do. Thanks, also for your prompt and accommodating service.

~Elizabeth Kaplan